Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Teacher's Day!

Did you know that teachers in India are considered to be guru’s?

One of the highly celebrated holidays in India is Teacher’s day. I didn't think it was a big deal until I experienced my one myself. This year Teacher’s Day fell on September 5th. A few weeks into my teaching, I sort of promised the other teachers I would wear a Sari(India’s traditional dress for women). It was a joke at first but I actually wore a sari for Teacher’s day. It was pretty amazing despite how anxious I felt because at any moment, I thought the drape would loosen and expose my goodies at school—but thank goodness it  didn't! Below you will see my coordinating teacher aka my 'mother teacher' draping my sari for me. In India it's considered an honor for any mother to put on her daughter's sari for the first time.

On Teacher’s Day, teachers do not teach at all, instead they get praised all day by the students. Teachers also get adorned with cards, flowers, and red pens LOL! Since teachers did not teach or have to stay in class, 12 graders were assigned to take up a subject and they had to teach the class while the teacher fulfilled her other duties (i.e. grade papers). After school was over (it was also a half day), class 12 had a special performance, the acting principal (a 12th grader said his remarks, and they bought all the teachers lunch!! The food was so good!! I really enjoyed this day. I felt good for two reasons: the notes/cards my students gave me were super sweet and because many of the teachers were extremely excited to see me wear a Sari. 

12th graders in action as teachers
XOXO all my students!! (This is only some)

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