Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Monsoons in Kolkata

Kolkata experiences three major seasons: summer, monsoons, and winter. From March to June is summer, then June to November is monsoon and November to February is winter. Unfortunately, the weather has been delayed because the monsoons started late July and have yet to stop. As I write this post it's raining. The worst I have experienced with the monsoon took place while I was in my Bengali class with the other Fulbrights. On my way to class, the weather was not so bad, but I could tell something was going to go down because there was cloud buildups. Thankfully the actual rain down poured while I was in class. It rained so hard, the road in front of the classroom building turned into a river (ankle plus deep). Half way through class, I got a chance to look out. Cars were back up, driving extra slow, people were hiking up their pants/dresses and rushing to a nearby place to stand until the rains calmed. Even with all the hurricanes I have experienced back in Florida, I have never seen something like this before. **It was so bad, our teachers got a driver to take us back to our apartment.

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