Wednesday, 7 November 2012

6D Presents: Our Dream For Our School, A Speech of Many Voices

With one of my classes: 6D, I had a lesson on Martin Luther King, Jr. and his ‘I Have A Dream’ speech. His speech had a great impact on the history of America and it was remarkable because he took the courage to voice himself before millions of people. After reading and listening to his speech, I had the class write their own dream for their school (each student wrote a dream sentence). I had the idea to combine their dreams into a movie as a way for them to voice their dreams—just like Martin Luther King, Jr. I am extremely proud of my students.

Note: These kids NEVER have the chance to work with media or to really express themselves AT ALL. They had a blast doing this project. I know this movie is a bit long (about 13min) but trust me ---it is worth your time. Thanks in advance! 

Click below to watch 6D's Our Dream For Our School movie!

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